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ComTun® Pro 4.6a
(HTTP Caching, Authentication, Firewall, Remote Management etc.)

Are you tired of waiting for someone else to logoff before you can access the Internet through a single connection? How wonderful it would be, if everyone in your family or in your business office could access the Internet at once!

Well, we provide you an ultimate modem sharing and proxy server software. Actually, we offer an internet sharing solution and proxy software for virtually any connection, including cable, DSL, ISDN, dial-up, etc...ComTun /(previous called ComSocks), a powerful internet sharing technology, easily satisfy you now! It has a built-in industrial strength network firewall to protect you from hacker attacks on your local network. It can be run from any Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP platform. Our latest version is better than ever, because it not only supports all primary Internet protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, DHCP, FTP, Telnet, VPN (PPTP and IPSEC), POP3, SMTP, Netmeeting, RealAudio, Media Player and Newsgroups, it also supports transparent proxy server function through NAT. Since it is a SOCKS server, you can chat with your friends using ICQ from behind your firewall.

The best things about ComTun /(previous called ComSocks) are its easy installation and configuration, and its low cost. What's more? ComTun /(previous called ComSocks) is a full featured DHCP server. You don't need to assign an IP address to each computer in the network. It is also a dial-up server to accept a remote control. It is very fast too since we carefully design and engineer this product. So, please go ahead to click the Download button to download the software.

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